Our range of legal services include permit strategies, code violations, Chapter 163 Development Agreements, all quasi-judicial hearings, government contract negotiations, and the prosecution and defense of municipal claims.


There are differences in the interpretation and establishment of Trusts and Wills in Massachusetts and Florida. For example, you may have executed your Will in Massachusetts, but retired down to Florida. Is it advisable to re-execute your Will in Florida? What if you want to make changes to your Massachusetts Will, but want to do it in Florida? AtlanticiLaw can help. Regardless of your location in Florida, we can draft your Will or Trust amendments and help you get them properly executed.


Attorney Kiefer has over 15 years experience in arguing appeals in the State of Florida. With over 80 published Opinions from the Second District, she is ready to help you with any appeal in Florida. Because appeals are electronically filed in Florida, they may be reviewed, researched and filed form within any location in the State, regardless of where the matter lies. If you are unsure whether you want to appeal, we can review the trial court proceedings and provide guidance as to appellate issues you may want to explore.


Did you get a divorce in Massachusetts, then move to Florida? Or do you want to move out of State but do not know how to go about effecting changes in child support or custody? We can help. There are several National and International laws that regulate child custody and support across State lines.


One of the great benefits of living in Florida is that there is no State income taxation. Sometimes, however, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) takes the position that a Florida resident who receives revenue derived from a Massachusetts business entity must continue to pay Massachusetts State income taxes.

Maura J. Kiefer is an experienced land use, civil litigation, and municipal attorney in Massachusetts and Florida. After serving as an appointed city attorney in Florida for 11 years, she established AtlanticiLaw and Appeals to serve citizens and small businesses who migrate back and forth between Massachusetts and Florida.

Clients who move to or from Massachusetts and Florida often find themselves in a quandary due to business, litigation or personal matters that require legal attention from both jurisdictions. Attorney Kiefer is highly qualified to provide advice and counsel in both States for matters involving a range of areas including:

  • Domestic Relations
  • Trusts, Estates and Wills
  • Local Taxation
  • Municipal Law
  • Civil Litigation
  • Real Estate